New Greenspace at Ocean-Geneva Intersection

The community and neighborhood leaders dedicated a new public greenspace in San Francisco on Saturday, August 5.

Two Department of Public Works-owned parcels and an adjoining retaining wall that were blighted were remade into the Ocean-Geneva Greenspace over the last 18 months.

The Ocean Avenue Association Community Benefit District’s Street Life Committee, a group of residents and business owners who have been working to beautify and activate the corridor, led the campaign.

“The community and our partners took to transforming these two long-blighted patches of land immediately,” OAA Board of Directors Chair Alexander Mullaney stated. “This project shows the Ocean Avenue Association’s commitment to serving the commercial corridor through thorough cleaning and greening.”

OAA Executive Director Dan Weaver brought in San Francisco Department of Public Works Landscape Architect John Dennis, who developed a several designs, and Arborist Now, the OAA’s tree maintenance contractor, which created a plan for seating made from tree trunks. A vision quickly took form.

“The Ocean-Geneva Greenspace landscaping effort is important because this intersection is the gateway to the Ingleside district and for many years this gateway was a weed and rubbish-filled no-man’s land,” Weaver said. “Now it has been transformed with a mural, landscaping, and a place for pedestrians and bicyclists to sit and relax.”

The OAA won $100,000 through the 2015 Community Challenge Grant and began the process of clearing the Public Works-owned parcels of weeds, installing plumbing and ground cover, planting drought resistant natives, and placing benches and rocks. A mural depicting Ocean Avenue’s historic buildings was put on the adjoining retaining wall by 1AM. Additional funding was provided by San Francisco Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Mayor’s Office of Economic Development’s Invest in Neighborhoods program and OAA.

The OAA’s Street Life Committee, organized a brainstorming session to develop project ideas in advance of the 2015 Community Challenge Grant. The group developed a lengthy list and prioritized the two blighted parcels for attention.

Adding more green space to the corridor has been a priority for the OAA. Since 2013, the OAA has planted and/or maintained 3,576 square feet of sidewalk gardens at 21 locations on and adjacent to Ocean Avenue. OAA also planted about 40 trees on Ocean and surrounding streets since 2013.

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