New Greenspace at Ocean-Geneva Intersection

The OMI community and neighborhood leaders dedicated a new public greenspace in San Francisco on Saturday, August 5. more

Affordable Housing Boosts Ocean Avenue

A wave of development continues to wash over Ocean Avenue as a new affordable housing complex opens up this month. more

SF Chronicle: Ocean Avenue investment soars, but old businesses feel squeezed

Longtime business owners wonder if they are going to be sacrificed in the name of urban progress.


SF Chronicle: Ocean Avenue is SF’s Cleanest Commercial Street

Ocean Avenue “recieved a perfect score” for street cleanliness in a new city survey.


SF Chronicle: 2014 resolution: S.F. urban garden expansion

An Ingleside Heights space has bloomed into a thriving community garden… more

6th Annual NEN Awards

OAA wins Best Merchant Association / BID of the Year Award from the Neighborhood Empowerment Network…