Street Life

Street Life

The Street Life Committee proposes and advocates for streetscape improvements and works to activate the corridor. The committee meets generally on the second Thursday of the month to work on projects like:

  • Events
  • Banners and Signage
  • Corridor Plan Development
  • Corridor Greening

In 2013, the Street Life committee organized:

  • The first Ocean Avenue Summer Social
  • A tree planting with Friends of the Urban Forest
  • Expansion of OAA’s social media sites
  • Installation of Sidewalk Gardens

The Street Life committee’s current projects include:

  • 15-year Long-term Plan: Ideas for renovation of public space
  • Preparing to Program the Phelan Plaza
  • Co-sponsoring the Ocean Avenue Arts & Culture Festival

Potential volunteers and committee members are encouraged to e-mail their interest and contact information to

The Street Life Commiteee is chaired by Alexander Mullaney, Publisher of The Ingleside Light.